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Nanoscale technology
Interesting tech developments in nanotech, nanostructured materials, etc.

daily link  Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Silicon biomimicry: "At MIT's Whitehead Institute, Susan Lindquist and collaborators are exploiting yeast biology to make superthin but very long protein strands.  "The widths of these fibers are far too thin to be made by normal manufacturing mechanisms," Lindquist said at the meeting.  Using yeast trickery to assemble the thin, long polymer fibers is just half the story, though. As Lindquist reported at the meeting, the protein fibers can then be coated with gold or silver to make tiny wires, capable of connecting electrodes to make novel microcircuits. That ability foreshadows major advances in methods for linking electronics with life.  "Through genetic engineering we believe that we can couple electronic circuitry to the whole array of biological functions that are out there," Lindquist said."  7:16:17 PM  permalink  

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