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Nanoscale technology
Interesting tech developments in nanotech, nanostructured materials, etc.

daily link  Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Materials News from MRS: Materials Research Society news, with much up to date detail on nanostructured materials.  6:30:25 PM  permalink  

Gateway Gears Up Grid Computing: Gateway Inc. is "linking thousands of display PCs in its nationwide chain of stores to create a grid computing environment capable of scaling to 14 teraflops of performance. Through its Processing on Demand initiative, which will be unveiled this week, Gateway is making available the computing power of almost 8,000 PCs spread across its 272 Gateway stores.. Because the company routinely upgrades the PCs in the stores, the computing capabilities on the grid feature the latest technologies, they said... Users pay 15 cents per processor hour to access as much power as they need—up to more than 14 teraflops, or 1 trillion floating-point operations per second." At 14-teraflops, according to a Top 500 Supercomputer ranking, "the second-most powerful supercomputer on the planet."  If this catches on, there are lots of comparable networks of computers that could compete with gateway (or be aggregated into a single even more powerful grid service). I wonder how that will accelerate molecular modeling, both for biotech and nanotech.  1:10:07 PM  permalink  

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