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Nanoscale technology
Interesting tech developments in nanotech, nanostructured materials, etc.

daily link  Monday, October 28, 2002

Smalley promoting nanotech for energy:  Richard Smalley, who won a Nobel prize for discovering Buckminsterfullerene, is speaking before Congress and conferences promoting nanotech as an approach to better solar cells and other energy issues.  4:53:14 PM  permalink  

Nanocatalysis can extend fossil fuels: "Mr. Lee and his colleagues drew upon the nascent field of nanotechnology. They figured out how to use heat to separate coal into individual molecules so that molecules of sulfur, nitrogen, ash, and other impurities can be removed efficiently and inexpensively. Then they took the purified coal molecules, enriched them with hydrogen and produced liquid fuel. "With this technology," says Mr. Lee, "we clean the coal up before it is used as fuel instead of after."  A report lists other applications of nanotech to enhance fossil fuels, like allow stranded gas, which accounts for 80% of known gas reserves, to be economically exploited, or enable recycling of plastics and spent oil into fuel.  4:45:17 PM  permalink  

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