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Nanoscale technology
Interesting tech developments in nanotech, nanostructured materials, etc.

daily link  Sunday, September 08, 2002

Scientists demonstrate atomic-scale memory: "The new memory was constructed on a silicon surface that automatically forms furrows within which rows of silicon atoms are aligned and rest like tennis balls in a gutter. By lifting out single silicon atoms with the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope, the Wisconsin team created gaps that represent the 0s of data storage while atoms left in place represent the 1s. Like conventional memory, the atomic-scale device can be initialized, formatted, written and read at room temperature. .. It provides a storage density a million times greater than a CD-ROM.  .. [Its] memory density is comparable to the way nature stores data in DNA molecules. The Wisconsin atomic-scale silicon memory uses 20 atoms to store one bit of information, including the space around the single atom bits. DNA uses 32 atoms to store information in one half of the chemical base pair that is the fundamental unit that makes up genetic information. "  6:22:37 AM  permalink  

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