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Nanoscale technology
Interesting tech developments in nanotech, nanostructured materials, etc.

daily link  Monday, April 29, 2002

Mirror Fibers Could Create Photonic Fabrics: "MITís mirror can reflect light from all angles and polarizations, just like metallic mirrors, but unlike its metal counterpart can also be "tuned" to reflect certain wavelength ranges while transmitting others.   As a result, an array of mirror fibers or even a single fiber can be "tuned" to reflect light at different wavelengths to create a kind of optical bar code ..  Fibers could also be designed to reflect thermal radiation over various ranges. The resulting fabric could then be cut into a protective suit. .  [Material] was drawn into hundreds of meters of thread-like fiber with 21 microscopic layers. Each layer is only a few hundred nanometers thick, thus spanning 9 orders of dimensional magnitude in a single processing step."  9:09:42 PM  permalink  

Carbon Nanotubes Ignite When Exposed to Flash:  "While the initial surprise is that the nanotubes will ignite upon exposure to a camera flash, perhaps most exciting is that fact that the nanotubes are transformed into new carbon structures in the absence of oxygen. It is an illustration of how new behavior is observed at the nanometer scale"  9:02:12 PM  permalink  

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