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daily link  Saturday, September 30, 2006

Windows XP Multiuser Remote Desktop:  With a couple file renames and a registry change, XP can run three remote desktop sessions (normal desktop plus 2 more). 
Combined with the $20-30 terminals that are available from outlets like, and the $150-250 LCD screens, you can extend an ordinary PC to multiple users (with very low power and zero noise to boot).
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daily link  Friday, September 15, 2006

SSH for Java:  Lots of implementations of SSH clients in Java, under proprietary, GPL, or BSD lisences.
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daily link  Sunday, September 03, 2006

Powerline Ethernet Adapters:  Current (Sept 06) situation appears that residential powerline standard is around 14 mbps, but that different vendors extend it up to 200 mbps max.  Carrying HD signals at 28 mbps is an important threshold, with conventional digital video of 20 mbps also important.  Netgear does well, as does Zyxel.  Both are $100-120 per adaptor.  Linksys has older models at 14 mbps only selling for $65 per adaptor or used down to $30.  Both Linksys and Zyxel have adaptors for USB at about the same price as Ethernet.
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