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daily link  Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Skype Journal: eBay, PayPal, Skype by the Numbers:  Cogent summary of statistics and other info about the three companies today.
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VoSKY: Vendor of Skype-certified extension hardware, including a model for small offices.  Their personal one-line gateway was favorably reviewed in the NYT.  Features:
  • Call skype destinations, including skypeOut, from your usual phone set at home.
  • Call into your home number (for example, from your cell phone) and have skype connect the call through to a skype destination.
  • Forward incoming calls from skype to your cell phone or other PSTN destination.
  • Call return: If a skype destination does not answer, you can get an automatic retry of the call when skype destination returns online.
  • About $60 for the personal edition, $900 for the 4-line gateway.
  • Downside: needs XP computer connected by USB and running to function.
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