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daily link  Thursday, July 14, 2005

Google invests in BPL developer: " Google Inc has invested, alongside Goldman Sachs & Co and The Hearst Corp, in Current Communications Group LLC, a privately held company that develops technology for broadband over power lines, BPL. Current declined to confirm the amount raised in the investment, but a story in yesterday's Wall Street Journal said it was $100m... BPL is clearly gaining momentum, as first the US government's Federal Communications Commission in February proposed rules to facilitate the deployment of BPL over the electric power grid, then this week the IEEE announced it has begun work on a standard to define the nature of the communication channel to be used with AC power lines. The proposed standard is the IEEE P1901, "Standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks: Medium Access Control and Physical Layer Specifications" that is expected to be completed by early 2007."

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