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daily link  Wednesday, April 13, 2005

5% of Google Visitors Offered Gmail: Interesting comment on how Google is managing a rollout to maximize control and buzz:  "According to this PCWorld.com story, on a random basis, every twentieth visitor to www.google.com is being offered a Gmail account. It's an interesting phased roll-out that Google is using for their email service. First by invitation only. Then existing users, based on their own usage, got an incremental number of accounts to offer to friends, colleagues etc. Now this. It gives them the ability to scale in a controlled way and address issues with some control. It's also a clever PR mechanism to keep Gmail in the news. Rather than blowing an announcement all at once, they're trading on the industry's media focus on Google which means they get good coverage whatever and whenever they do it."  10:54:17 AM  permalink  

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