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daily link  Monday, October 18, 2004

Strong Angel II: Lessons Learned.  Several points of advice from Cmdr Eric Rasmussen.   Also online:  Video emphasizing Groove, and some presentations with excellent notes. "If there was a single core statement that emerged from the week of collaborative integration and post-conflict reconstruction design, it would be “COMMS FIRST”. Whether the communications was language translation, data transmission, voice-over-IP, reference library accessibility, or cultural explanation, the overarching concept of communication proved far more valuable than political, diplomatic, or religious statements. .. Bring the best and most inclusive language, communications and collaboration tools you have, incorporate everyone into your comms sphere daily with a constant expansion of service, teach the locals – especially police, fire, and medical – what they need to know to keep it all running when you leave, and then give them everything when you walk away. "  Great demo of important features:

  • Babylon Chat, a multilingual realtime chat tool within Groove
  • Recording and distribution tool for local emergency radio, allowing monitoring from anywhere on the Internet
  • Jeep-mounted wifi "pony express"
  • VSee (good photos on their site) for video-conferencing, whether p2p, air-to-ground, sea-to-shore (!) or integrated into Groove workspaces
  • Various disaster-specific reporting and coordination tools, some with GIS mapping
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