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daily link  Thursday, October 14, 2004

ChampionChip:  Cool RFID tag application - runners attach it to their shoes and they're automatically timed at several points along a race.  Used in the Chicago marathon where 40,000 runners compete.  "The ChampionChip is a high-tech, easy to use timing device. It can provide accurate net and split times for every individual athlete. Once you buy your own yellow chip, you can use it all over the world in almost any event we time."  9:04:36 AM  permalink  

Joi Ito's Web: Will the tail wag?  Excellent discussion on the implication of Chris Anderson's article, The Long Tail: "Will there always be producers and consumers of music and other content, or does the amateur revolution really take off and completely blur the consumer and the producer of content?"  See also Charles Leadbeater's Amateur Revolution, where "From astronomy to computing, networks of amateurs are displacing the pros and spawning some of the greatest innovations..  These far-flung developments have all been driven by Pro-Ams -- committed, networked amateurs working to professional standards."  (Ref my earlier posts on "open production").  8:54:56 AM  permalink  

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