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daily link  Saturday, July 10, 2004

Cringely improves broadband:  How to get the most out of broadband -- using both a cable modem and a DSL line.  "[A] Xincom XC-DPG402 TwinWAN router allows me to simultaneously use both the Comcast cable modem and Megapath ADSL. In theory I have 4.5 megabits-per-second downstream and 640 kilobits-per-second upstream, but what I really have is both a belt and suspenders. At $99, the Xincom is no BGP router, but it gets the job done. It offers downstream load-balancing of a sort, pretty fair security, puts the mail server on a DMZ and makes the network feel significantly snappier. Best of all, when Comcast fades to black for a minute or two I don't even notice."  He also uses old 3com linux-based network appliances, now resold on ebay for about $100.  5:19:44 AM  permalink  

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