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daily link  Saturday, June 05, 2004

Camera Phones Help Buyers: Brilliant - use a cell phone camera to scan bar codes in stores to get info about a product.  "With the camera-phone scanner, "you can aggregate a lot of different information from different sources just by scanning something. You can do that on your own or at a desktop computer, but then you have to look up a bunch of sources and go looking for all the individual sites and so on."  You might get competitive price offers, consumer reviews, or dietary information about a product.  Other codes (named QR for quick response, or Semacode) are in use in Japan for transferring business card info, getting directions and local event info, etc.  10:49:23 PM  permalink  

Cellsocket: "Connect the Cellsocket to any regular wired phone through Cellsocketís phone jack. Drop your cell phone into the Cellsocket, and start making and receiving phone calls from any desktop, cordless, or extension phone in your home or office using your wireless phone service."  The conventional phone is more comfortable (e.g., may have speakerphone) and the cellsocket's antenna improves reception while recharging the phone.  Interesting for people who do without a conventional line and only use cell or VOIP phones.  10:37:37 PM  permalink  

BMW's Easter Egg: Cars get more like software and video games: "To our knowledge, it's also the first automotive "Easter egg," though—with increased reliance on computers—it would seem just a matter of time before they become standard fare, much like the hidden features in PC games and DVD movies. .. For lucky drivers of this hot car, here's how: Switch off the stability system and select shift program six. Switch the engine to sport mode. With the hand shifter in drive, hold it in the downshift position and press the gas pedal. The engine will rev to the preprogrammed rpm and hold. Now release the shifter. The car will launch forward violently and the engine's revs will climb quickly, so be prepared to upshift. "  8:47:21 AM  permalink  

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