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daily link  Thursday, May 13, 2004

Fly the Wi-Fi skies: On May 17, 2004, Lufthansa will become the first airline to offer in-flight Wi-Fi to passengers. "For the time being, only non-stop flights from Munich to L.A. will offer the service, but Lufthansa plans to roll it out to the entire fleet over the next year. The service will be provided by Boeing's wireless broadband service Connexion, which is being eyed by several U.S. airlines. Yet none of the cash-strapped U.S. airlines have ordered it, crying poor mouth.  Lufthansa will charge $30 for access for the entire flight or $10 for 30 minutes. "

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Vircom White Papers on Spam: Background info, and an interesting profile of 3 successful spammers.  2:07:30 PM  permalink  

Stretch Your Signal: Options for extending wifi's range in a difficult or large house, including directional antennas and home wiring systems.  2:04:08 PM  permalink  

How Akamai is like Google "one other company that gets a lot of mileage out of a large number of computers  [is] Akamai Technologies.  Akamai's network operates on the same complexity scale as Google's. Although Akamai has only 14,000 machines, those servers are located in 2,500 different locations scattered around the globe. The servers are used by companies like CNN and Microsoft to deliver Web pages. Just as Google's servers are used by practically everyone on the Internet today, so are Akamai's."  2:02:29 PM  permalink  

Phatbot arrest throws open trade in zombie PCs: "The arrest of the suspected author of the Phatbot Trojan could lead to valuable clues about the illicit trade in zombie PCs. .. This expanding network of infected, zombie PCs can be used either for spam distribution or as platforms for DDoS attacks, such as those that many online bookies have suffered in recent months. By using compromised machines - instead of open mail relays or unscrupulous hosts - spammers can bypass IP address blacklists.  Phatbot was been used to spam, steal information or perform DDoS attacks..

Networks of compromised hosts (BotNets) are commonly traded between virus writers, spammers and middlemen over IRC networks.  The price of these BotNets (DoSNets) was roughly $500 for 10,000 hosts last Summer when the MyDoom and Blaster first appeared on the scene. "I have no doubt it's doubled since then as hosts are cleaned and secured," Andrew Kirch, a security admin at the Abusive Hosts Blocking List told El Reg. By his reckoning, non-exclusive access to compromised PCs sells for about 10 cents a throw. "

More background from April 30 2004: "MessageLabs reckons two thirds of the spam it blocks originates from computers infected by viruses such as Sobig-F or Bagle. Spam volumes are growing. More than two thirds of the email passing through MessageLabs systems so far this month was spam compared to 53 per cent for March as a whole."

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Spam protocol changes: Intro to Sender Policy Framework, email CallerID (from Microsoft), and DomainKeys (from Yahoo).  1:40:33 PM  permalink  

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