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daily link  Thursday, April 29, 2004

Using a Hosts File To Make The Internet Not Suck (as much): Clever little file to defeat ad and spyware servers, and to allow shorthand domain names for favorite sites.  10:12:52 PM  permalink  

Is One-Fourth of Your E-Mail Getting Lost?  High false-positive rates are cutting into corporate customer email.  "A new report shows that most major Internet service providers (ISPs) shunt into end users' Junk Mail folders or simply delete about one-quarter of the corporate opt-in communications that their customers have requested.  .. The study monitored 30,000 e-mails [in Jul-Dec 2003] from more than 100 Return Path clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. All of the e-mails that were counted in the statistics were either opt-in newsletters that individuals had specifically requested or "transactional messages," such as confirmations of orders, according to Return Path executive George Bilbrey. No unsolicited e-mail or "spam" was counted in the study..

The average "false positive" rate across all 16 ISPs was almost 19%, the report says. .. In a January 2004 scorecard of desktop spam filters, PC Magazine found that the best products misidentified legitimate e-mails only 1.6% of the time or less. ..


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Why Study Rome When You Can Build It?: " John Seely Brown, the media innovator who helped make XeroxPARC such a center for creative thinking in the 1990s, has interesting things to say about [online] games, narrative, and education  .."
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'Laser vision' offers new insights: "US firm Microvision has developed a system that projects lasers onto the retina, allowing users to view images on top of their normal field of vision. It could allow surgeons to get a bird's eye view of the innards of a patient, offer military units in the field a view of the entire battlefield and provide mechanics with a simulation of the inside of a car's engine. The system uses tiny lasers, which scan their light onto the retina to produce the entire range of human vision, reported the journal of the Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE Spectrum. .. The first generation product, called the Nomad Expert Technician System, consists of a wireless computer and a hi-tech monocle, costing around $4,000. "  1:01:19 AM  permalink  

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