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daily link  Saturday, April 24, 2004

Wi-Fi service, product news: "Public IP Services of Pine Beach, New Jersey, has developed a solution specifically designed for small restaurants, hotels, laundromats and bars that want to differentiate themselves or encourage patrons to stay longer .. The ISP charges businesses US$69.95 per month for hotspot access. The service includes Netopia's 3-D Reach 3347W ADSL wireless gateway, which features an ADSL modem, Wi-Fi certified access point and Ethernet switch on one box. ..

Rich Mironov is AirMagnet's vice president of marketing. The Framingham, Massachusetts-based company has found that high-tech, education and government sectors have been quickest to deploy Wi-Fi, followed closely by healthcare, manufacturing and telecom.  .. His company's [sells a] line of analysis and management products, which patrol Wi-Fi network perimeters for security  and performance issues. "

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Wi-Fi Networking: Fast Food Nation: "QSR Magazine has a list of the top 50 quick-service restaurants (QSR) chains by dollar volume as of 2002. Only two of these chains, Starbucks and McDonald’s, have a comprehensive Wi-Fi plan. Panera and Schlotzsky’s have Wi-Fi in some locations with plans for expansion.  The total number of chain stores in the top 50 are 117,468, a staggering number, of which about 15 percent are committed to have Wi-Fi within a couple of years."  9:37:04 AM  permalink  

34% Americans have broadband, 24% have broadband at home:  "Also, 68 million Americans - or 34% of all adults - have access to high-speed Internet connections either at home or on the job. 48 m or 24% have high-speed access at home. Home broadband adoption is up 60% since March 2003.. DSL now has a 42% share of the home broadband market, up from 28% in March 2003. For the first time, more than half (52%) of college educated people age 35 and younger has broadband connections at home. Only 10% of rural Americans go online from home with high-speed connections, about one-third the rate for non-rural Americans."  9:18:07 AM  permalink  

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