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daily link  Friday, April 23, 2004

Cringely on search and digital archeaology:  ""MeaningMaster isn't a search engine, but a search technology.. [with a] lexicon -- a computer dictionary that is purported to understand the meanings of more than 200,000 English words IN CONTEXT..  MeaningMaster is hand-coded, a process that took 175 man- and woman-years."

I like Cringely's general observation: "What has changed is that, through the relentless passage of Moore's Law, computers are on average 16 times faster today than they were back in 1998. Today, MeaningMaster claims a server can process 50,000 queries per hour, though they are careful not to specify either the power of the server or the complexity of the query, though with modern brute force approaches like Google's swarm of PC servers, it probably doesn't matter. Where [the 1990's] Inquizit was interesting, but probably not competitive, MeaningMaster is now competitive. .. This makes me wonder, in fact, whether there aren't hundreds of promising technologies from the late 1990s that are worth another look today. It would probably be worthwhile to start a company just to specialize in this type of digital archaeology."

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