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daily link  Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Richard Clarke and cybersecurity:  Refers to a speech he gave in 2002: "At the Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas in the summer of 2002, Clarke gave a keynote address in which he outlined several bold ideas to secure the Internet. Clarke drew a round of applause from the gathered security professionals when he said the software industry "has an obligation to provide software that works." He further called upon software makers to ship products with unused processes turned off by default. And he suggested that broadband suppliers supply their customers with firewalls and antivirus protection--a recommendation I still think should be implemented. [Clarke believes not doing so is "like selling cars without seatbelts."]

More daring, however, was Clarke's suggestion that the U.S. government could lead a security revolution by procuring only computer products certified by the National Intergovernmental Audit Forum (NIAF) testing program. While this satisfied the current administration's desire to let the marketplace decide which products it wants to use, NIAF testing apparently sounded like too much government regulation to the creators of the NSSC." His recommendations were watered down, with no enforcement, no NIAF testing, and no broadband firewall requirement. 

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Panasonic lightweight notebook: The Panasonic ToughBook CF-W2 weighs 2.8 pounds with a drive that burns CDs and plays DVD movies.  It's about 10-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches and 1-1/4 inches thick.  12.1 inch display.  Up to 8 hours battery life (!).  $2200.  Limited distribution.  Poor choice of bundled software (updates required upon purchase).


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Ultrawideband roadmap: "The closer the devices are to each other, the faster the UWB transfer speeds. Inside four meters, data move at 480 Mbps, comparable with the wired USB 2.0 transfer rate. "  First devices expected xmas 2005, then built onto motherboards 2007.  Hi def TV is somewhere in the middle.  "Flash memory used in digital cameras could become obsolete, proponents say. When shooting photos with digital still or video cameras, UWB will allow hobbyists to stream their creations right onto [iPod-like] hard disks stored in their briefcases or backpacks. "  10:33:58 PM  permalink  

Indian Lake Unwired: Dal lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, now has WiFi service available for the houseboats.  9:32:11 PM  permalink  

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