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daily link  Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Broadband overtaking dial-up in major cities: "Broadband is rapidly becoming the preferred way residents of major U.S. metropolitan areas are accessing the Internet, according to a study released Wednesday.  San Diego currently has the highest broadband penetration rate in the nation, with 52% of its residents connecting to the Internet using a high-speed service, according to online measurement firm ComScore Networks. Boston ranks second with an even split between broadband and narrowband customers. New York City is in third place with 49%.  The San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles rank ninth and tenth with 44% broadband penetration each.

Despite gains in certain major cities, dial-up services remain the preferred choice for Americans to go online. 64% percent of all online Americans still use a dial-up services such as America Online, MSN and EarthLink. AOL still holds the lead, counting 28% of the U.S. Internet population as subscribers. "

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