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daily link  Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Phishing attacks up 50% in January: "Attempted email fraud and phishing attacks went up 50% in January compared to the month before. There were an average of 5.7 new and unique phishing attacks each day in January, according to research by the Anti-Phishing Working Group. There were 176 unique attacks in January, of which only 13.6% were 'repeats'. eBay was the most targeted company with 51 different emails purporting to come from the online auction house. Citibank and AOL were next with 35 and 34 attacks each. Financial services account for 40% of attacks; 34% appear to come from retailers; and 24% from ISPs"  9:30:58 PM  permalink  

Ecard-hijack spam: Anatomy of an e-scam.  A spam sent widely invites users to visit a supposed greeting card site. Once there, security holes in IE are exploited to cause many strange things to happen as a smokescreen.  Then, "this program attempts to hijack the user's personal login information as they log in to various popular Internet banking services."  Great detective work -- by a high school student.  9:27:18 PM  permalink  

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