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daily link  Friday, January 16, 2004

WhyFi already getting built in Santa Rosa: More on Cringely's WhyFi self-organizing romaing network:  "Dane Jasper, who runs Sonic.net in Santa Rosa, is doing that by urging his broadband users to build and share their own hotspots that can be used solely by other Sonic.net broadband users. The carrot used by Dane to encourage participation is both free service, like WhyFi, and some revenue sharing applied to the DSL userâ019s monthly bill. Sonic has downtown Santa Rosa completely covered without spending up front for anything. He gets it. ..

There are still nine dialup Internet users in the U.S. for every user with broadband access.. Now imagine Cantennas all over a city - paying customers for WhyFi service at $9.95 per month?"

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Cantenna WiFi Booster Antenna: "Boost your wireless signal (802.11b g), or connect to other wireless networks in your neighborhood. Only $19.95"  8:39:24 AM  permalink  

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