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daily link  Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Tapping the Grid: Search for Life in the Universe:  Interview with David Anderson, leader of SETI@Home, now "the world's largest virtual supercomputer. .. Since its public launch in May 1999, computer owners in more than 226 countries have chipped in. [The United Nations only includes 191, and nearly two-thirds are developing countries, with few spare computers laying around unused]. .. Since then, SETI@home has performed 1.6 million years of computer processing time. After four and half years, this computing capacity continues to double every year. " Lately it processes over 2000 years of CPU time per day. 

"An often overlooked aspect of their network approach is seldom mentioned--its apparent human efficiency. .. The team manages to sustain about 0.1% of the world's total computing capacity, with as few as six programmers and system administrators." 

The leader, David Anderson, was interviewed: "United Devices and similar companies (most notably Entropia) found that there wasn't a business in reselling public computer time. There aren't enough paying customers for it - pharmaceutical companies, for example, aren't interested because of security concerns - and it's hard to convince people to volunteer their computers for profit-making activities. So these companies have switched to the "corporate intranet" market - letting technology companies use their own desktop PCs for their own R&D computing."

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BOINC: "BOINC is a software platform for distributed [grid] computing using volunteer computer resources." SETI is beginning to adopt it.  It is cross-platform and usable for a variety of computing tasks.  10:48:00 PM  permalink  

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