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daily link  Friday, January 09, 2004

Cringely's WhyFi: How to get to 1m hotspots -- the same architecture as the "grid networking" idea I was promoting in 2002: "First we need to encourage what are essentially noncommercial hotspots and we do that not by revenue sharing but by providing free equipment. Anyone who wants to start a hotspot gets a free WiFi access point and a free WiFi client card for a notebook or other computer [with] slightly different firmware. This firmware establishes for the hotspot owner a DMZ in which the public traffic is contained [to what is not used by the hotspot owner], as well as a RADIUS function required for network authorization. The WhyFi card also contains different firmware that establishes similar DMZ and RADIUS functions though in this case they operate in an ad hoc network around your notebook or dektop.

Your incentive to operate a WhyFi hotspot is free service for you when you leave home. The hardware and software are free. There is no performance hit. And your WhyFi card gives you free unlimited access to the entire network through MAC address filtering. So while you don't make any money from the WhyFi network it also doesn't cost you anything to belong. " Money is made from subscribers who don't have a hotspot.   Will ISP's resist sharing of their connections?  Some will, but some already don't, and they will be the ones that will ultimately thrive.

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