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daily link  Wednesday, January 07, 2004

PicoPoint: "PicoPoint provides complete back-office solutions for Wireless ISPs (WISPs). GateKeeper, PicoPoint’s state-of-the art management platform, provides 24/7 back-office services for WISPs, but also for Property Chains that wish to act as a WISP themselves. The professional back-office services for WISPs are complemented by partnerships with industry leaders to provide a complete wireless broadband access solution. Through PicoPoint's global partnerships with Mobile Network Operators and ISPs, usage on Hotspots is guaranteed.  PicoPoint is one of the founding members of the Global Broadband Internet Access (GBIA) network"  5:11:10 PM  permalink  

GBIA - Global Broadband Internet Access: "GBIA represents worlds’ largest international roaming network of independent Public WLAN providers. Through roaming, users can get connected at Public WLAN Hotspots using account information provided by their service provider as the basis for authentication. Charging for the service can be integrated into their regular bill, simplifying administration and delivering an experience equal to using the mobile phone on a different network: it just works." Their current network providers include Surf & Sip, the Dutch PTT, and hotspots in odd places like Poland, Tanzania, and Kuwait.  Current total about 1900.  5:06:54 PM  permalink  

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