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daily link  Wednesday, December 03, 2003

What Strategists Can Learn from Sartre: Echoes of the Forum, from a GBN founder. "Five Principles of Existential Strategy:

  1. Finitude. You canít be all things to all people. If youíre not saying ďnoĒ to some possibilities, then youíre not acting strategically.
  2. Being-Toward-Death. No one is too big to fail, to die, to go bankrupt. Gliding on momentum can lead to a crash.
  3. Care. Define your interests more precisely than ROI or return to shareholders. If you donít know where you stand, youíll fall for anything.
  4. Thrownness. You have a past; you have experiences and core competencies. Know them, use them, and donít forget them.
  5. Authenticity. Donít be bound by your past. Feel free to reinvent yourself and your company for an uncertain future. "
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