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daily link  Monday, December 01, 2003

Summary of VOIP limitations: 

  • no 911
  • no guarantees of service
  • no constraints on junk call: solicitations and junk fax: Don't expect to have a "do not call" or "can spam" list enforced.
  • no assurance that identification and its release are in accordance with end-user's expectations
    • You can't assume that the 'caller ID' data presented to you is accurate
    • At this point, there's no mandated assurance that you can initiate VoIP calls that will suppress disclosure of your identity, IP number, etc.  -- that is, no 'private call' assurance
  • The legal and regulatory levels of privacy afforded to conventional telephony may not apply: If you want privacy, you'll need to put in place your own solutions (as will those with whom you communicate) and hope that your measures are "good enough."
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What Makes Some Startups Succeed? Interesting results from survey of 450 storage startups:

  • Companies raising the most capital don't have the strongest chance to succeed. There was no direct correlation. In fact, the amount of capital invested in storage startups that reached successful exits was in a tight range of $33 to $40 million which some would say is a surprisingly small amount of capital in the world of high-flying IT startups. In fact, the research report states, "there is a negative trend in the number of (successful) exits as funding exceeds the average range." Over-funding actually allows companies to follow a flawed strategy for too long, the report points out.
  • A fully staffed executive team is not necessarily a requirement for success. The study found that, based on historical precedent, building the team sequentially can be more capital efficient, with greater emphasis placed on development of the technology for the first 12 to 18 months. The ideal founding team pedigree, says Crescendo, is a successful product development track record.
  • Most successful storage startups fail to meet all the criteria for being a truly "disruptive innovation." Although the report admits this is largely a qualitative assessment, new waves of technology disruption are not obvious at the outset. Neither did the majority of successful firms "cross the chasm" that is, move from the low-end, unwanted customer to disrupt the core business of a veteran company before they experienced a successful exit.
  • In 93 percent of the cases, the strategy that a company emerges with (at exit) is completely different from the strategy it set out to implement.
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