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daily link  Friday, October 31, 2003

Genetic programming and IdeaLab:  This review of GP quotes Bill Gross of IdeaLab. "Instead of defining your part or your circuit board, define your objective and let the software evolve the answer. ..  you tell the software, OK, you've got bars, beams, screws, bolts -- make the best thing you can at the lowest cost. .. Let's say you give the software access to the entire McMaster-Carr industrial supply catalog. They have 400,000 parts in stock: screws, bolts, hinges, everything. So you've got the whole gene pool of those parts available." Somewhere in that mix is the machine you're dreaming of, and simulated evolution may well be the fastest way to find it." 

IdeaLab is assembling and selling the parts lists via Partsearch Technologies; from a press release in early 2003, "the database stood at 15 million SKUs, with CE models dating back seven years on average, and some major appliance models dating back as far as the 1950s and '60s. To develop the database, Partsearch compiles data from disparate sources, such as materials lists, tab-delimited spreadsheets, data feeds from CADD/CAM systems and even postings from corporate FTP Web sites. Partsearch then aggregates the data into its cross-referenced database, taking a total of about 60 days to process it, run it through quality assurance checks and post it live in the master parts catalog. "

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Tsunami Research - Hive Computing: "a comprehensive and integrated approach to the development, deployment, and management of custom, transaction-oriented mission critical applications."  A different take on grid-style computing, where commodity machines running their OS can distribute all functions on any machine.  "HiveCreator is a software toolkit that enables large numbers of dedicated, commodity computers to form a mission critical computing environment .. a Hive is unique in being Self-Healing, Self-Organizing, Self-Maintaining"  10:46:32 AM  permalink  

omnilux:  "Omnilux Mesh Technology is a point-to-multipoint "fiber extension" solution .. using a repeating mesh topology over free space optics links"  10:23:03 AM  permalink  

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