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daily link  Tuesday, October 07, 2003

VeriSign Sitefinder suspended: "E-mail spam blockers [were] one of Site Finder's casualties. The blockers bar mail from nonexistent Internet domain names, but Site Finder makes it look like all domain names exist, rendering a key blocking mechanism useless, Schairer said.  He also said that devices that allow blind people to read Web pages rely on specialized error messages that can be circumvented by Site Finder.  Similarly, non-English-speaking web users were diverted away from error messages in their own languages onto an English-only Site Finder search page. Chinese authorities actually took steps to disable Site Finder on their national networks because of this problem. "  Verisign returned to previous operation after multiple ICANN requests, but says it retains the rights to return it to service.  5:11:23 PM  permalink  

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