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daily link  Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Taking the Measure: IT and Energy:  I've heard these numbers verbally before, but not online; I've asked the author for the reseach citation.  "According to researchers at MIT, less than 1 percent of all commercial and industrial companies use advanced technology to measure and manage energy spend. On the other hand, nearly 100 percent of companies use advanced technology to measure and manage telecommunications spend.  Now consider that, according to the MIT researchers, the U.S. spend in electricity is about $270 billion per year while the U.S. spend in telecommunications is about $125 billion per year.

Does your company know down to the fraction of a minute how your telecommunications bill is derived?  Probably, and you can probably produce pages of reports showing spending by person, department and project. .. Can you also break out by building, department, project and individual worker how your electrical bill is derived? Or your heating bill? Or your air-conditioning bill? I doubt it, but that is where your next round of cost savings resides."
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Site Controls:  Another network-based energy management company, this one based in Texas. "Site Controls provides on-demand energy and asset management solutions that increase profitability and improve the environment through energy efficiency.  The company’s flagship platform, Site-Command™, was specifically designed to address the unique needs of Retail, Restaurant, and Convenience Store operators who seek to profitably deliver a consistent and compelling customer experience. By providing persistent real-time access, visibility and control over thousands of assets and sites nationwide, Site Controls helps customers create that compelling customer experience while simultaneously reducing emissions, saving money, and improving business efficiency.

Site-Command remotely monitors, logs, and controls HVAC, lighting, outdoor signage, refrigeration, and other major in-store energy consumers, online and in real-time. And, Site-Command features an intuitive, user-friendly, interface, accessible from any web-browser, or web-enabled PDA, minimizing IT overhead and ongoing support. Site-Command will deliver cash on cash payback within 18 to 24 months of install. ROI is further accelerated by utility rebates, which Site Controls manages on your behalf."
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