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daily link  Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ford plans to boost hybrid engine production : "Gas-electric hybrid engines will be available in half the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury lineup by 2010, Ford Motor Co. Chairman and CEO Bill Ford said Wednesday. He said the automaker will be able to produce 250,000 hybrids in the next five years. It currently has two sport utility vehicles on the market. ..

the company will be releasing four vehicles that can run on fuel-efficient ethanol in 2006: the F-150 truck and Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car sedans.  Ford said the automaker plans to produce 280,000 ethanol-capable vehicles in 2006."

This is a rapid rate of change for an auto company.  It has become more feasible with computerized product life cycle software, which has been reported to have cut design time for new car models from 4 years to 1.5 - 2 years.  This includes design of the robot-driven assembly plants and simulation of the supply chain.  (Sorry, no citation here; I think I read it in a recent Economist.)

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