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Future energy
Renewables, fuel cells, hydrogen, and efficiency

daily link  Thursday, January 27, 2005

Jumpstart Ford: Neat story of how environmental consumers gave Ford bad PR for a decision to destroy its 1990s electric pickup trucks.  Protesters set up a website, sent emails, published statistics on Ford's awful fuel performance record, and started a sit-in -- and Ford decided to reverse itself.  "As a Sacramento "car-sit" enters day seven, Ford Motor Company has committed to reverse its unpopular decision to repossess and destroy its last zero emission Ranger EVs. Ford's abrupt u-turn follows a statewide public outcry that forced it to recant misleading misstatements about the legality, popularity and viability of EV technology. In a conversation late this afternoon with Jumpstart Ford coalition partners Global Exchange and Rainforest Action Network, Niel Golightly, Ford's director of sustainable business strategies, agreed that the auto giant would keep its original promise to sell the pollution-free pickup trucks to loyal lessees."  10:33:11 PM  permalink  

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