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Future energy
Renewables, fuel cells, hydrogen, and efficiency

daily link  Sunday, March 21, 2004

Wind and solar experience curves: " with each doubling of world wind-generating capacity, costs fall by 15 percent. The recent growth rate of 31 percent a year means costs are dropping by 15 percent about every 30 months. While natural-gas prices are highly volatile, the cost of wind power is declining. .. [Solar PV] industry experts estimate that with each doubling of cumulative production, the price drops roughly 20 percent. Over the last seven years, solar-cell sales expanded an average of 31 percent annually, doubling every 2.6 years."  10:00:04 PM  permalink  

Protonex Receives VC Financing for Portable Fuel Cell Technology: "Protonex Technology Corporation, today announced they received early stage financing to further develop their portable fuel cell technology for commercial applications. ..
Protonex’s portable fuel cell systems are compact, lightweight and durable, providing customers with a preferred alternative to heavier, short-term power sources such as batteries and generators. .. Protonex has been working with the military since 2000 to develop a portable, long duration power solution for portable applications. A soldier on a 3 day mission, for example, would need to carry over 20 pounds of batteries to equal the power of one Protonex portable fuel cell system. Weighing less than 5 pounds with fuel, Protonex’s products offers key advantages over conventional batteries such as increased operating times and fast refueling in the field. Targeting the 10 to 1000 Watt range, Protonex’s portable fuel cell systems are now being adapted for a wide range of mobile electronic equipment with commercial, industrial and government applications. " They offer hydrogen and methanol versions, and claim ongoing development for other fuels.  9:03:24 PM  permalink  

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