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Digital Development
Communications and info tech in developing countries, especially wireless broadband and high-value applications

daily link  Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strong Angel 3 lessons:  This year's Strong Angel exercise has received extensive coverage.  An excellent long summary is provided by Sanjana at his ict4peace blog.  The linked magazine article provides a few tech takeaways:
  • "Perhaps the most popular technology used during Strong Angel was the Fossil Abacus smart personal object technology (SPOT) watch. This is a wristwatch with an embedded FM radio receiver designed to receive text messages. Although the watches are primarily intended for personal use, a portable and configurable FM transmitter with a 50-mile radius allows the devices to operate in areas without infrastructure, power or Internet connectivity. Messages can be sent to selected groups of SPOT wearers, such as police, fire department personnel and National Guard troops. ..
  • [Also popular were] satellite dishes manufactured by GATR Technologies, Huntsville, Alabama. The dishes resemble oversized beach balls and are available in several sizes. The smallest antennas weigh 70 pounds and provide a two-megabit-per-second Internet connection. ..
  • Route 1 Incorporated, Toronto, Canada, provided all of the eventís participants with a device called a Mobikey. Roughly the size of a data stick, it fits into a computerís universal serial bus port to create a virtual private tunnel from any terminal or computer that users are operating in the field back to their organizationís server or personal desktop. ..
  • One assumption that was quickly dispelled was that wireless Internet connectivity could be easily established. ďEverybody showed up with a Wi-Fi [wireless fidelity] router and nobody could get online,Ē [Microsoft's] Kirkpatrick shares."
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