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Digital Development
Communications and info tech in developing countries, especially wireless broadband and high-value applications

daily link  Monday, November 22, 2004

UN International Year of Microcredit, 2005: "One key need is to collect and analyse hard data on the state of microfinance:  its availability by region, client profiles, and types and quantities of services offered.  As part of the Year’s activities, a Data Project will bring together expert statisticians and researchers from the Bretton Woods institutions and the United Nations, in collaboration with governments and the private sector, to address current data gaps, anticipate future needs, and build agreement on the best way forward for donors, private investors and practitioners. In addition, the “Blue Book” project will seek to identify constraints and opportunities for the promotion of inclusive financial sectors, culminating in recommendations of concrete actions that countries can take to make microfinance an integral part of national financial systems"  Ongoing activities, including a planned online marketplace, at http://www.yearofmicrocredit.org.  8:27:15 AM  permalink  

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