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Digital Development
Communications and info tech in developing countries, especially wireless broadband and high-value applications

daily link  Thursday, October 28, 2004

AMD Launches Global Strategy with Partners to Provide Internet Connectivity and Computing Power to 50 Percent of World's Population by 2015:  "50x15 is AMD's initiative to enable affordable Internet access and computing capabilities for 50 percent of the world population by the year 2015. With the current global Internet penetration rate at approximately 10 percent, and the global population estimated to reach 7.2 billion people by 2015, there is tremendous potential ..

AMD is announcing the Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), an innovative consumer device that enables affordable, managed Internet connectivity and offers Microsoft Windows-based computing capabilities to help fulfill the communication, education and entertainment needs of people in high-growth markets. ..

In conjunction with the introduction of the PIC, AMD announced customers in various countries around the world, including the TATA Group in India, CRC in Mexico, and Cable and Wireless in the Caribbean. TATA is the first company to embrace and distribute the PIC in its respective region. TATA will market the PIC and offer it initially to consumers in five cities in India. CRC will work with local distributors in Mexico to offer the PIC along with a suite of educational software. Cable and Wireless is deploying the PIC in support of disaster relief efforts throughout the Caribbean. AMD is diligently working with other customers in several regions to make the PIC available to consumers in high growth markets throughout the world. ..

The Personal Internet Communicator is designed to be an easy to use, affordable consumer device that provides managed Internet connectivity and basic computing and Internet capabilities such as a browser, e-mail, productivity tools (word processing and spreadsheet), and the ability to view images, multimedia files and standard format documents. More information and pictures of the new device can be viewed and downloaded at www.amd.com/50x15. .. Other companies playing an integral role in the development and manufacturing of the PIC include Solectron, Seagate, Samsung and Macromedia played an integral role in the development and manufacturing of the PIC. .. The PIC is branded, marketed and sold by local service providers such as telecommunications companies and government-sponsored communications programs. Pricing to the consumer is determined by the service provider, which may offer variety of subscription, microfinancing options and bundling packages at different price points. Microfinancing in the form of payment plans helps consumers avoid large, up-front cash deployments at the point of sale. Suggested system price point is $185.00 with a keyboard, mouse, and preinstalled software; or $249.00 which also includes a monitor. ..

[AMD is] developing an in-country value chain [to ensure] that the technology gets into the hands of those who need it most, and that the business ecosystem develops and spreads within the markets the products ultimately serve. "Technologies developed for mature markets cannot be dropped into new markets and then be expected to succeed," said Shane Rau, Program Manager, IDC... "

From Red Herring: "To run the PIC, AMD chose its Geod chip, which is typically used for making computer kiosks and set-top boxes for broadband connections. The chip uses only one watt of electricity and runs without a fan. The PIC will provide 128 MB of memory and a 10-GB hard drive. The company is eyeing some 205 million households in China, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia as future PIC buyers, said Mr. Shine.  .. Knowing that many of the PICs may go into homes lacking a regular power supply, AMD plans to make PICs that can run on batteries, said Mr. Shine. The company is even exploring alternative sources of energy, such as solar power, in designing the future generations of the machine."

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