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daily link  Wednesday, August 04, 2004

LeapFrog donating 20,000 books to Afghan women to learn basic health lessons in own languages:  "Twenty-thousand interactive women's health books, built with the LeapPad learning system technology of LeapFrog Enterprises, are en route to Afghanistan to help teach basic health care lessons .. The recipients are Afghan women, 80 percent of whom are illiterate .. They will also begin to learn to read using the device, just as many children have.

The popular technology-based learning device has been tailored for speakers of Dari and Pashto, the primary languages of Afghanistan. They will be able to use it to learn about personal health subjects including diet, childhood immunization, pregnancy, breastfeeding, sanitation and water boiling, treating injuries and burns, and disease prevention.  The [DHS] department, LeapFrog and several consultants for the company, including Dr. Najiba Zamani of Hayward, who had practiced medicine in an Afghan refugee camp, took 12 months to develop the material. The result: 350 items of recorded information on 19 personal health subjects that carefully take into account a host of cultural and religious considerations.

For example, reproduction is a culturally and religiously sensitive topic in the country. The solution: a page of text and a page of pictures with the analogy of growing carrots. Growing them too close together produces skinny and not-well- formed carrots that do not look good to eat, but if you space the carrots, they're plump and appetizing -- the lesson being it's better to space children rather than having them in rapid succession. "  US DHS provided $1.2m for content development and translation.

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