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Digital Development
Communications and info tech in developing countries, especially wireless broadband and high-value applications

daily link  Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Strong Angel II: 17-22 July, Kona, Hawaii: Important experiment in integrating IT in disaster relief.  "The event is designed to encourage the development and evaluation of tools designed for humanitarian information collection and use within an austere environment. We're particularly interested in proposed solutions that cross the civil-military boundary gracefully and reliably during a post-conflict reconstruction."  Leader is Eric Rasmussen.  Facts and links:

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InterAction Disaster Response Training Database: "AN INVENTORY OF COURSES AND TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE DISASTER RESPONSE COMMUNITY.  ..  The Disaster Response Training Database (DRTDB) is a response .. to the increasing need for highly trained disaster response personnel who are able to operate in some of the most complex and challenging environments imaginable. Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the purpose of the DRTDB is to provide information on educational and training opportunities to the greater disaster response community as well as to bring together InterAction members and those professionals who have the skills and knowledge required to work in this field."  1:26:07 PM  permalink  

Submit a Volunteer Opportunity for Cisco Employees:  Nonprofits can ask for Cisco employees to volunteer to help them.  Cisco's "volunteer matching system matches individual employees and employee teams to philanthropic opportunities in their community. In addition, it also matches the core competency skills of our employees with nonprofit organizations that are seeking that expertise, including mentors for your organization or constituents.

Please register your organization in our Volunteer Connection Tool. Once you're in the application, your organization may request Cisco volunteers for your specific initiatives. (If an appropriate volunteer is matched at some point, you will be notified by email with instructions on how to proceed). We welcome one-time events as well as ongoing opportunities. We hope this system will give your organization access to more volunteers and will save you time in recruiting, tracking, managing and communicating with those volunteers."

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Europe & CIS Regional Resource Facility: "A publication on UNDP Best Practices and Know-How in ICT for Development contains a collection of knowledge-based best practices accumulated by UNDP in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). "  Downloadable in whole or by country.  1:19:52 PM  permalink  

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