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daily link  Saturday, June 12, 2004

CyberTracker: A PDA program designed for recording conservation data in the field, even by non-literate users.  12:24:58 AM  permalink  

daily link  Friday, June 11, 2004

UNOPS offers developing country satellite data: "Satellite Imagery Now Available to UN and NGOs:  UN agencies and non-governmental organizations involved in humanitarian assistance, peace-keeping, and post-conflict reconstruction now have round-the-clock global Internet access to satellite imagery as the result of an initiative led by an international consortium that includes UNOPS."

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daily link  Monday, June 07, 2004

Balancing Act: A UK company that does African IT media, policy and project consulting.  Their African internet developments news service has current and detailed information on developments among carriers and governments.  9:34:04 AM  permalink  

daily link  Saturday, June 05, 2004

N. Korea bans mobile phones: "North Korea has banned mobile phones only 18 months after allowing them to be introduced there, and the already isolated country is building a barbed-wire fence along its border with China to prevent smuggling, news reports said [3 jun 04]..  There were some 20,000 mobile phone subscribers in November 2003, a year after the service began, Yonhap said citing a report in a pro-Pyongyang newspaper from Japan, the Chosun Sinbo. "  10:58:16 PM  permalink  

daily link  Friday, June 04, 2004

ICT Update: A publication of CTA, an EC institution with a long history of ICT efforts in the agricultural sector of the developing world.  Example: A combined radio/satellite/internet service that supplies agricultural prices in East Africa called "FOODNET: information is changing things in the marketplace".  10:58:50 AM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, June 03, 2004

Towards a standardized relief comms kit?: Brief report on a panel discussion.  "Nethope is developing a suitcase-sized NetReliefKit in a collaborative effort between Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Inmarsat. The kit would integrate an RBGAN terminal, wireless and wired networking capability, IP Telephony and specialized relief applications. It would be available only to NetHope members."  12:04:09 PM  permalink - news on developing country IT: "The i4d (Information For Development) print magazine is one its kind, and is intended to provide a much-needed platform for exchange of information, ideas, opinions and experiences, both inside and outside the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) sector. .. i4d encompasses the role and relevance of ICT in various development sectors such as Rural Development, Gender, Governance, Micro-finance, Education, Health, Wireless Communication, ICT For Poor, Local Content, Culture and Heritage.."  The online edition has features additional to the print edition, with many categories of headlines.  Sponsored by the Centre for Spatial Database Management & Solutions in India with another publication on GIS for development.  8:57:54 AM  permalink  

South Africa and VOIP: "SA is in danger of losing its status as Africa's technological leader, as other African countries -- notably in East Africa -- are moving to the forefront. Algeria, Mauritius, Mali, Nigeria and Kenya have all legalised VOIP and WiFi and it seems that these progressive governments are embracing new technologies in order to gain the long-term benefits of ICT, despite potential short-term losses in revenue as incumbent telecommunications providers restructure their approaches."  8:52:49 AM  permalink  

daily link  Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sun offer cut price products to third world: "In an interesting move clearly aimed at expanding their market share in the developing world, Sun Microsystems have today announced a new pricing model for their Java Enterprise System for users in developing nations.  The new pricing ranges from a mere 33 US cents per citizen per year, up to a larger but still incredibly low USD 1.95 per citizen per year. Prices are presumably based on licenses being bought for everyone in the country.

The exact price per country is worked out using two factors, the first being the number of citizens in the country, and the second being the stage of development of the country as defined by the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs classification."  The idea is to allow blanket lisencing for applications, especially e-government, health, and education.

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Virtual Academy for the Semi-Arid Tropics: "Our coalition aims to mobilize communities and intermediaries of the dry tropics by sharing information, knowledge and skills related to climate literacy, drought preparedness, and best practices in dryland agriculture and other relevant issues. We do this through the innovative interface of ICTs and distance learning."  Consortium with many partners in Africa and elsewhere.  10:57:52 AM  permalink  

Berkeley TIER: Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions:  "The aim of this project is to address the challenges in bringing the Information Technology revolution to the masses of the developing regions of the world. .. This project focuses on developing a hardware/software infrastructure explicitly designed for the physical, political and economic realities of developing areas.  .. The other supporting partners are HP,UNDP, IIT Delhi and Grameen Bank. 

A course ICT Framework for Developing Regions that is jointly taught by UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University and University of Washington is being offered in Fall 2003."  See also the project description and current efforts pages.

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Science and Technology Collaborium:  An Italy-US collaboration on IT assistance for science in developing countries.  "On January 1st, 2000 the S&T Collaborium started as a spin-off initiative of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy in collaboration with the International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (IITAP), Iowa, USA."  Projects include workshops on digital radio, the www4mail software suite (and server in Italy), VSAT demos, and training programs.  10:40:52 AM  permalink  

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