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Digital Development
Communications and info tech in developing countries, especially wireless broadband and high-value applications

daily link  Friday, August 15, 2003

Reporters sans frontières - Iraq:  Interesting review of press developments, with a note on cybercafes and satellite dishes:  "one shopkeeper in Baghdad's Karradeh Karej Street, where business is booming for him and dozens of others selling receiver dishes. "Even shoemakers are selling them," said one. They cost between $150 and $220, about the same as the fine you would get in Saddam's time, when they were illegal. If the police found one at the bottom of your garden or hidden in a cardboard box on the roof, it would be immediately seized and if you were caught out a second time, you risked up to a year in prison. When the regime was particularly worried about foreign influences, helicopter patrols would go looking for the dishes. In November 2002, when the threat of a US invasion was growing, the authorities reiterated that they were banned. "  5:47:49 PM  permalink  

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