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daily link  Monday, January 15, 2007

A World Free of Nuclear Weapons:  Long op-ed by George Shultz, William Perry, Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn on both urgent and long-term measures to cut the nuclear threat.  Meanwhile, US policy is going the other way: see U.S. Selecting Hybrid Design For Warheads and Complex 2030: DOE's Misguided Plan to Rebuild the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex.  11:11:49 AM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dollar going down:  Mini-fact: Dollar down by 30% in last 5 years.  "The United States dollar index, a measure of the dollarís strength against a basket of currencies, fell to 83.23 from 83.65 on Friday. In February 2002, the index was at 120."
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