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daily link  Saturday, November 04, 2006 has a national marketing partner:  Good to see that they are reaching larger audiences through partnerships.  In this case, Working Assets is not only advertising to their membership, but offering a matching grant of approximately 25%.
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The Young and the Generous: A Study of $100 Million in On-line Giving:
  "On September 3, 2006, Network for Good processed its 100 millionth dollar in [online] charitable donations. .. The median age of donors at Network for Good is 38, .. significantly younger than off-line donors, who tend to be 60+ according to most studies. ..  Whether due to income levels, the impulsive nature of on-line giving, or the credit card effect, on-line donors give significantly more than off-line donors.

About 40 percent of giving through Network for Good was in December, when, just as off-line donors, on-line donors do most of their giving because of the holidays and the end of the tax year.  About 30 percent of giving was in response to disasters. ..

At times of disaster, donors tend to give to large, familiar organizations such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. But when humanitarian crises are removed from the equation, it is clear that smaller organizations play a big role in on-line giving. This is not the case off-line. In the nonprofit sector, a small number of large organizations (in terms of annual revenue) account for 1 percent of the organizations but the lion's share of charitable giving. But at a giving portal such as Network for Good, where donors can choose from more than one million charitable organizations, smaller organizations benefit. Similar to the long tail phenomenon at Amazon, where bestsellers may sell many copies but not as many as the sum total of niche titles, Network for Good found that most giving goes to smaller, "niche organizations" rather than big-name organizations."
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