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daily link  Sunday, September 25, 2005

You Say Okjeryok, I Say Deterrent: From Tong Kim, recently retired from the State Department, where he was the senior Korean interpreter for high-level meetings involving U.S. officials, now at Korea University in Seoul.  "In contrast to the American media description of North Korea as a "Stalinist Communist state," I have come to see it as a Confucian nationalist monarchy, based on traditional Korean values and reflecting the bitterness born of foreign invasions throughout Korean history. In Confucian society, loyalty to the ruler and respect for elders are basic tenets. The iconic stature of the late "great leader" Kim Il Sung isn't that different from the Confucian image of a divine ruler. .. Recently the younger Kim said that denuclearization of the Korean peninsula was the last wish of his father; I think he really believes that carrying out his father's will is his filial duty in the Korean tradition."

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