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daily link  Thursday, May 26, 2005

Firm to use PR methods on online media and the blogosphere:  I've been wondering when blogs and new media would attract PR professionals and political money.  In this case, it's someone from Fox and Cato.  "Next Generation Advertising has opened its doors in D.C. to produce online "virtual" public policy campaigns.   Founder Richard Pollock says the goal is to use what is known as "rich media," video/flash, audio and animation for "entertaining, compelling and interactive" campaigns that can be posted on a variety of online sites.  Pollock says Next Generation will also turn to influential Web-log sites run by bloggers, podcasters and video bloggers. Broadband now permits downloadable video to move around the Internet in a matter of days.  In an online campaign, Pollock says, policy advocates are free of the time limitations of 30- to 60-second TV spots and can reach out to specific audiences by advertising precisely where they visit. 

Pollock is a former Washington producer for ABC's Good Morning America and in 1993 won a daytime Emmy. He also was a senior producer for Fox News Sunday.  Before founding Next Generation, Pollock was executive vice president of Shandwick Public Affairs and vice president of communications for the Cato Institute." [Via John Furrier]

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