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daily link  Friday, October 01, 2004

Debate moderator's conflict of interest:  In the commentary section; I haven't checked it but it sounds true.  "I'm sure that you know this already, but Bob Schieffer, the moderator at the 2nd debate, is the brother of Tom Schieffer who was president of the Texas Rangers under Bush's ownership. Bob is the older brother and has always acted in the role of Tom's father. I knew them both many years ago. I think that it is only fair that Bob disclose his relationship to the President at the outset of the next debate."  11:10:36 PM  permalink  

"Practice to Deceive" by Joshua Micah Marshall: April 2003:  Masterful prediction of our current predicament, based on a clear understanding of the neocon agenda.  What's next? "we may soon find that it's unwise to hand off power to the fractious Iraqis. To invoke the ugly but apt metaphor which Jefferson used to describe the American dilemma of slavery, we will have the wolf by the ears. You want to let go. But you dare not. "  12:05:27 AM  permalink  

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