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daily link  Friday, September 10, 2004

Poll finds Europeans and Democrats think alike: "While 69% of Republicans said they did not think a United Nations mandate would be necessary for future Iraq-style operations, 81% of Democrats said they thought it would be essential - as did 80% of Europeans.  The same pattern emerges in attitudes about the war in Iraq: 79% Republicans say the results were worth the loss of life and other costs, while 81% Democrats and 80% Europeans disagree. Democrats and Europeans also harbor the same sorts of doubts about whether military action is the most appropriate tool to fight terrorism. While 86% Republicans believe so, only 49% Europeans and 52% US Democrats agree, the poll finds. ..

The Marshall Fund poll [finds] majorities in France (63%) Germany (57%) and Spain (66%) support the idea of sending their soldiers to Iraq if the UN approved a multinational force to help secure and rebuild the country. ..

At the same time, the survey reveals the limitations of European ambitions for an independent global role. Though 71% Europeans say they would like the EU to become a superpower like the US, nearly half of them drop the idea if it requires increased military spending.  Nor should Washington see Europe's superpower aspirations as particularly threatening, the poll suggests: 30% respondents said they wanted to boost Europe's political clout to compete with the US. 63% said they wanted a bigger EU role in the world to cooperate more effectively with the US."

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