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daily link  Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Josh Marshall writes on Bush and moral cowardice:  It was "moral cowardice that led him to support the Vietnam war but decide it wasn't for him, run companies into the ground and let others pay the bill, play gutter politics but run for the hills when someone asks him to say it to their face, those are the same qualities that led the president to lie the country into war, fail to prepare for the aftermath and then refuse to take responsibility for any of it when the bill started to come due. That's the argument John Kerry needs to be making"  1:04:11 PM  permalink  

Do You Hear What I Hear?: Nice summary of the Bush campaign distortions of Kerry's statements.   Josh Marshall shows how this runs in the family, in the Bush 41 campaigns, where George Will wrote: "Soon Bill Clinton will have to say to Bush what Dole publicly said to Bush in 1988: "Stop lying about my record.""  1:02:18 PM  permalink  

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