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daily link  Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Broken Promises of George W. Bush: Nice chart.  "President Bush made a lot of promises during his 2000 presidential campaign. The record shows it was all talk"  9:05:04 PM  permalink  

Walter Cronkite | Prisons needlessly overpopulated with drug offenders:  Cronkite's syndicated column argues for reform of the 'cruel' and 'failed' war on drugs.  He's also joined the Drug Policy Alliance Honorary Board to carry the message on.  3:40:14 PM  permalink  

World Bank rejects reforms in extractive industries:  "The World Bank group rejected moves towards phasing out investment in oil and coal mining, as recommended by its own extractive industries review, this week, despite releasing a statement saying that it "broadly agreed that it [the review] represented a balanced way forward for the Bank Group." .. The Bank is also seeking to scale up its activities in the renewable energy sector by 20% annually over the next five years, bringing investment to more than US$400 million per year. This target will also be reviewed on a regular basis. It compares to an estimated annual investment of US$3 billion in fossil fuels. "  The World Wildlife Fund and others criticized the move.  "WWF says the Bank is missing a historic opportunity to show real leadership and help guide the developing world towards a truly sustainable and clean energy future. It wants the Bank to allocate at least $800 million of its $3 billion annual energy budget to renewables and energy efficiency, and to increase that level by 20% a year over the next five years. " The WB spin (World Bank Accepts New Oil, Gas Lending Controls) emphasises the changes in banking rules they are adopting, which basically require more reporting on where the money goes.  Full text of EIR and supporting documents are online.

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NKZone: Interesting "blog zone" site, where people with info about North Korea can share their stories.  Includes links to published stories on events in NK from many sources, and a Bloglines public directory on NK info.  This could be a model for the "open source intelligence" community.  11:55:50 AM  permalink  

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