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daily link  Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy: Good long summary of the effort of progressive donors to build institutions to match those of the right.  Includes info on Soros, Rob Stein, Rappoport, Center for American Progress, etc.  4:57:10 PM  permalink  

Bruce Stirling rant: from SXSW 2004; a fun quick read on futures, computers, sci fi. "What'm I watching? Microbial threats to health: SARS and bird flu. They're spooky. These bugs mostly kill old people, and this century is the most old-people-top-heavy society everywhere. Old people are all over Italy, Japan, everywhere. It's a demographic thing. .. With bad SARS or bird flu we might get a disease that makes 30-year-olds sneeze for a couple days and kill off hundreds of millions of people in their 70s.  19000 people died of heat in Europe: almost all old people. They're metabolically vulnerable, they don't sweat well.

I'm looking at lot at global red-light districts. Globalization doesn't lift all boats, it can create criminal states, mafia-dominated, and non-competitive. They spend all their time exporting criminal services: trafficking in humans, drugs, money laundering. They only difference between them and an oil state is that oil states have oil -- and if it runs out they go straight into this."  2:00:07 AM  permalink  

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