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daily link  Friday, April 16, 2004

Address by General Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret), 2003:  Lists 7 challenges for the US in today's world, and focuses on nation-building:  "[The military is] great at dealing with the tactical problemsóthe killing and the breaking. We are lousy at solving the strategic problems; having a strategic plan, understanding about regional and global security and what it takes to weld that and to shape it and to move it forward. Where are the Marshalls today? Where are the Eisenhowers and the Trumans, that saw the vision and saw the world in a different way; and that understood what had to be done and what America's role is? ..

Right now the question that has to be answered is: does our military expand its role beyond the military aspect, or will we continue to stick it with this mission without the resources, the training, the cooperation from others or the lack of authority needed to get the job done? .. If the others, those wearing suits, can't come in and solve the problemócan't bring the resources, the expertise, and the organizationóand we're going to continue to get stuck with it, you have one or two choices. Either they get the capability and it's demanded of them, and we learn how to partner to get it done, or the military finally decides to change into something else beyond the breaking and the killing. ..

[In Iraq] At the end of the third inning we declared victory and said the game's over. It ain't over. It isn't going to be over in future wars. .. [Our soldiers] should never be put on a battlefield without a strategic plan, not only for the fightingóour generals will take care of thatóbut for the aftermath and winning that war. Where are we, the American people, if we accept this, if we accept this level of sacrifice without that level of planning? "

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