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daily link  Sunday, March 21, 2004

Disruptive technology: Nice idea on health care from C. Christensen:  It's "an industry in desperate need of disruption. In its current state, a gross amount of overhead costs prepare hospitals and doctors to treat the most complex illnesses known to mankind.  In reality, most people need a quick look and a prescription.

Christensen talked about a new business model coming out of Minnesota as the perfect disruptor for medicine.  Because Minnesota allows nurses to write prescriptions, the idea would be to create medical drop-in sites that treat 14 primary illnesses. Everything from strep throat to "burn your warts off."   The flat rate for a checkup and 'scrip is $29. If it takes more than 15 minutes, it's free.

This is what you and I want, right? No long wait on the phone. No huge bills for a simple checkup. Quick and easy, in and out.  This would provide an alternate product to consumers and make going to a big ol' HMO with a sore throat an unacceptable hassle for most consumers. "

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